Shapes Breathing Exercises – Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness Resource

Our Shape Breathing Exercise Cards is an essential resource to support student well-being and emotional regulation through mindful breathing techniques. These cards are designed to guide students through various breathing exercises, employing shapes as visual aids to facilitate relaxation and focus.


  • Diverse Shapes for Engagement: Our collection includes a variety of shapes, such as square, hexagon, triangle, circle, rectangle, pentagon, quadrilateral, diamond, heart, star, flower, and butterfly. Each shape introduces a unique breathing exercise, making mindfulness accessible and engaging for students of all ages.
  • Instructions for Ease of Use: Every card comes with clear, step-by-step instructions on how to perform the breathing exercise associated with its shape. This ensures that students can easily understand and follow along, promoting self-regulation and calmness in a classroom setting.
  • Benefits of Mindful Breathing: These exercises are designed to aid in stress reduction, enhance concentration, improve emotional regulation, and boost overall mental health. They are perfect tools for school counselors looking to offer support in managing classroom dynamics and individual student needs.


Our Shape Breathing Exercise Cards are not just a teaching aid; they are a stepping stone towards fostering a more mindful, focused, and emotionally balanced student body. Equip your students with the skills they need to navigate the complexities of their emotions and the world around them, one breath at a time.

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