Shawshank Redemption film study | Total teaching bundle | A scheme of work for a term


This year 11 Shawshank Redemption film study big bundle has enough work and lesson ideas to take up a term’s teaching for the classroom. No prep required. As part of this bundle you will get:
Teacher notes bundle has 4 copies of teacher notes. A fully editable A4 colour Word doc, a black and white Word doc, a black and white pdf and a colour pdf.
Student workbook bundle has 4 copies. A fully editable A4 colour Word doc, a black and white Word doc, a black and white pdf and a colour pdf.
A Powerpoint Slide (editable) to support the teacher notes and student workbook.
The contents of the teacher notes is as follows:
Initial viewing
How techniques develop character
Story arcs
Teacher notes on character
Compare and contrast scene Red and Brooks
Mise en scene
Setting teacher notes
Exploring setting
Historical setting
Techniques, close reading and teacher notes
Exploring techniques
Teacher notes symbols
Themes: Hope and perseverance
Themes: Redemption and transformation
Themes: Institutionalisation and conformity
Themes: Corruption and power
Themes: Freedom and imprisonment
Further resources: Director talks and other works on a theme
A film study with more resources, lessons, lecture notes, and tasks than you will use in a term to prepare students for exams and internal coursework. A broad resource you can use year in, year out to take away your planning time and give you back your life!

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