SPEECH THERAPY – Early Intervention Language Program (special needs and autism)


Our “Early Intervention Speech Therapy Information Package” is an essential guide for enhancing your child’s communication skills. This Speech Therapy comprehensive package has been designed meticulously for parents and caregivers offering practical insights and strategies to support children facing speech and language challenges.


  • Understanding Speech and Language Development: Explore the typical milestones and the importance of early detection.
  • Identifying Speech and Language Disorders: Recognize the signs and symptoms of potential communication issues.
  • Introducing Speech Therapy: Learn what speech therapy involves and how it can benefit your child.
  • Assessment Processes: Understand the steps involved in evaluating speech and language skills.
  • Methods Used in Speech Therapy: Dive into techniques like articulation therapy, language intervention activities, and oral-motor skills enhancement.
  • Working with Speech Therapists: Tips on how to collaborate effectively with professionals for optimal results.
  • AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication): Discover the tools and technologies that can aid communication.
  • Tips for Parents: Everyday strategies to support your child’s speech and language development at home.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Quick answers to common concerns about speech therapy and language development.


  • Parents and caregivers of children from infancy through preschool age.
  • Individuals seeking to understand speech and language development issues.
  • Family members of children who show signs of speech and language delays or disorders.

Enhance your child’s ability to communicate effectively by understanding the nuances of speech and language development. Whether you are navigating early speech milestones or addressing specific speech disorders, this package provides valuable insights and guidance to foster progress through nurturing and informed practices. Ideal for anyone involved in the early stages of a child’s communication journey, this package is a crucial tool in your early intervention toolkit.

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