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⭐ Do you need a respectful work booklet about The Australian Victoria Cross Medal, that is factual, creative and has a online research task? Then take a look at this low prep set of activities! Students can choose and research online with the provided links to a serviceman who has received the Victoria Cross, build respect for those who have served their country with honour and connect with historical figures from World War I.


Included are relevant HASS reading and writing tasks that reinforce facts and check for understanding!



This work booklet respectfully:

  • Researches & commemorates a soldiers sacrifice and act of valour
  • Outlines historical facts
  • Builds greater respect for those who have received this medal.
  • Develops an understanding for symbolism on medals, such as the crowned lion and laurel leaves.



Great for building understanding around ANZAC or Remembrance Days.


Made by an Australian teacher, for Australian teachers!


Have your students engaged in a respectful way to learn about the history and significance of The Victoria Cross.



Learning Focus:

  • Develop an understanding of our highest distinguished medal & its history
  • Build respect for those who have shown bravery & selfless courage
  • Analyse symbolism in a medal
  • Create a medal to symbolise bravery
  • Use research skills to learn more about a medal recipient and their act of valour



Grade: Primary Years (4-7)


Note: Ideal for years 5-6



⭐ Preview PDF & Video:

For a clear look at all the activity pages, I recommend looking at the PDF preview!



⭐ Product Includes:


Video and webpage links:


  • Age appropriate online tours (x3) of the Australian War Memorial: Yrs 1-12 options – 30 minutes.


  • ‘Hall of Valour’ Tour at the Australian War Memorial: 3-minutes


  • ANZAC DAY Commemoration Commitee Website





  • Key vocabulary word list and meanings from the texts


  • Information page 1 – All about the Victoria Cross, medal design & history


  • Information page 2 – All about valour, the ‘Hall of Valour’ at the Australian War Memorial (3-minute video link tour), the 101 recipients & webpage links to WWI servicemen details and their acts of valour.


  • Multiple choice questions from the text (Questions 1-4)


  • Honouring bravery written task (Short Answer Questions 5-7)


  • Research page – printable to be used with a computer & information page 2



Colouring In & Creative Art Tasks:


  • Victoria Cross colouring in page


  • Design your own bravery medal task


Computer Task:


  • Editable Research page – with editable text boxes in a student version



⭐ Additional Details:

  • Aligned with Australian Curriculum Standards for HASS
  • Can be used in classrooms or home school
  • Printable and projectable on a whiteboard for students to view clearly
  • Black & white versions of printables
  • Colour images used



⭐⭐⭐ For Australian Students ⭐⭐⭐



⭐ Australian Curriculum Standard Links for HASS in Year 5-6:


ACHASSK113 – Investigate the contribution made by ANZACs to the development of Australia’s identity and discuss the commemoration of significant events in Australia’s history.



ACHASSK199 – Examine the significance of World War I, including the Gallipoli campaign, and Australia’s involvement in the war.


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