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Teaching digraphs to your class? With a single non-fiction real life photos used to provide visual support, use these ready to print traceable digraph posters are perfect for introducing and reinforcing digraphs being taught.

With over 50 sounds included – consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, split digraphs, controlled r digraph along with some less common digraphs are included.

Aesthetically pleasing and encouraging hands-on exploration of digraphs, these digraph mats can be used in multiple settings – whole-group phonics instruction, small-group work, independent literacy centers, intervention lessons, and/or at-home supplement.

Made to match our Alphabet Traceable Letter Mats, these digraph resources will help support your students to become more confident in reading and spelling words with digraphs.

There’s tons of way to incorporate them in your class – utilize them as posters to display at child height for finger tracing, include in matching/sorting games, laminate them for tracing with markers or add playdoh or other small objects to make each digraph. Use them as visual support in your small group work or as anchor posters for your own sound wall.


Here’s what’s included –

  • 50+ Digraph Tracing Mats with Real Life Photos – 1 to a page


Digraphs included –

ch(3)/ph/sh/th(2)/wh/ck/ai/ay/oi/oy/oa/ue/ui/a_e/i_e/o_e/u_e/ng/ar/ow(2)/ou(4)/ er/ir/ur/ee/ea/oe/ed(3)/aw/au/gu/ti/si(2)/ci/ew/ie(3)/ey/oo(2)/or/kn/gn/wr


File type –

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