WINTER HAPPY SNOWY HARE CRAFT – Winter Counselling Craft


This Winter School Counseling resource goes beyond being just a craft; it’s an enchanting tool designed to help young children develop emotional literacy and explore the concept of happiness and the delightful feeling it brings.

By introducing Snowy Sparkle into your resources, you’ll guide children through a joyful journey of understanding happiness. Snowy Sparkle embodies the essence of happiness, and this resource will teach kids how to recognize and embrace this warm and glowing emotion.

This resource seamlessly combines storytelling, education, and hands-on crafting to make learning about happiness a playful and engaging experience for little learners.


1. TIPSHEET:ย Our tipsheet provides simple and child-friendly strategies for exploring happiness. It explains what happiness is, why it’s wonderful to feel happy, and how they can spread happiness to others.

2. STORY:ย Immerse yourself in the heartwarming story of Snowy Sparkle and the snowy adventures that lead to the discovery of happiness. This story beautifully illustrates the impact of happiness in everyday life, making it easy for children to understand and embrace.

3. HAPPY SNOWY HARE CRAFT:ย Children adore crafts, and our ‘Happy Snowy Hare’ craft is not only fun but also educational. It encourages children to create their very own cut and paste Snowy Sparkle. As an extension activity, encourage students to write down what makes them happy and attach it to their craft to create a beautiful reminder of joy. This craft comes in both black and white and color versions.

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