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Meet Harriet, the Worried Hedgehog. This resource isn’t just a craft; it’s a fantastic tool for introducing kids to the concept of understanding and managing their worries and anxiety in a gentle and friendly way.

By incorporating Harriet, the Worried Hedgehog into your resources, you empower children with valuable strategies to recognize and cope with their anxiety. Using a hedgehog’s natural behavior to curl up in a ball when they feel threatened, this resource follows the journey of Harriet who manages her anxiety and feelings of wanting to just curl up in a ball and hide from the world when her anxiety gets too much!

This resource combines storytelling, education and hands-on craft to explore anxiety in a way that little learners learn best – through play!


1.DID YOU KNOW PAGE – This page explores hedgehog behavior which not only creates a relatable connection but also serves as the cornerstone for our captivating story and craft activity. This page lays the foundation for us to delve deeper into the world of anxious hedgehogs.

2.TIPSHEET – Our tipsheet provides simple and child-friendly strategies for understanding and managing anxiety. It explains what anxiety is, why it’s okay to feel anxious sometimes, and how kids can use positive techniques to calm their worries.

3.STORY – Dive into the heartwarming story of Harriet and her big adventure which follows Harriet’s journey in dealing with her anxious moments. The story beautifully illustrates how recognizing and addressing anxiety works in real-life situations and why it’s essential for growing up strong and resilient.

4.ANXIOUS HEDEHOG CRAFT – Kids adore crafts, and our ‘Anxious Hedgehog’ craft is not only fun but also educational. It encourages children to create their very own Harriet, the Anxious Hedgehog. Encourage students to write their own strategies on the backside of the craft as an extension activity.

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