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Expressing one quantity as a fraction of another number

Engage your students with these ready to print worksheets that explicitly teach and guide students how to express one number as a fraction of another number. Scaffolded learning for students to practise identifying parts and wholes of problems and representing one quantity as a fraction of another.
Explicit Teaching/learning (Steps to success) on how to express one quantity as a fraction of another.

Student activities include:

  • identifying parts and wholes of pictorial questions
  • multiple choice (understanding of simplifying fractions is required)
  • Solving worded problems involving expressing one number as a fraction of another

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These No-Prep worksheets are fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum Version 9, providing definitions with worked examples, questions for practicing and worded problems for application. It comes with a completely DIFFERENTIATED version as well!
This resource covers the following Australian Curriculum V9 Content Descriptors:
Use mathematical modelling to solve practical problems, involving rational numbers and percentages, including financial contexts; formulate problems, choosing representations and efficient calculation strategies, using digital tools as appropriate; interpret and communicate solutions in terms of the situation, justifying choices made about the representation AC9M7N09
Product Includes
  • Total of 6 printable student pages (3x at level, 3x differentiated)
  • ANSWERS included
  • Printable – NO PREP – PDF
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