Yr.12 Legal Studies: Crime -Assess the effectiveness of the jury system


NSW Legal Studies syllabus HSC course

This learning activity is aligned to the syllabus ‘learn tostatement:

ยท Assess the effectiveness of the jury system in the criminal trial.

The aim for this learning activity is to provide students with a deeper understanding of the course content through reference to either contemporary case studies, media events or amendments to legislation.

This learning activity will present students with a variety of seven contemporary issues that challenge the long-standing perception of jury duty. The issues will refer court procedures and media events and align back to evaluative criteria. Finally, students will use a mind-map to collate and organise their ideas in preparation to responding to the question โ€“ Assess the effectiveness of the jury system in the criminal trial.

The activity requires students to read reference material and to complete a series of review based questions.

This learning activity is also cross reference with syllabus outcomes as well as aligned to the relevant theme and challenge component.

The inclusion of contemporary media events and court cases is well suited to act as a supplement for student class notes.

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