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Introduction In delivering the QUT Diploma in Esports, I am privileged to work with students who have active and enthusiastic minds. I endeavour to keep my classroom energetic and provide a shared responsibility for learning. My students would indicate I am enthusiastic and love what I teach and that I demonstrate a positive attitude to encourage individual learners. Valuing each student's contribution in my class is equally important and gains student respect. I donโ€™t lecture, I teach. My teaching involves interacting with and involving the students in the teaching and learning cycle. I am continually researching to maintain currency. I maintain active industry connections using LinkedIn to communicate with esports industry stakeholders. Couple with personal experiences in esports this ensures I am delivering a curriculum that is real world. Students and administrators know that I build on student-educator relationships. I understand my students and take the time to get to know each of them as individuals. Colleagues often comment that I have a positive impact on my students. "Coming into uni each day to lessons where I feel I am actually going to learn something and retain that information because of how engaging Craig is, is refreshing and confidence-inspiring." โ€“ Angus (2023 student). My Books I write interesting books about coding using the fabulous Godot 4.2 game engine. I love coding and have written software applications and apps for years but now that I use Godot I wish it had been around back in those earlier years of my coding experiences. It is so much fun to use and really allows your ideas to be translated into games. I have hopefully written a range of materials that will spark imaginations. The books can be used to supplement senior IT subjects, by teachers who need to know a bit more about coding, or just for fun. I have other books that will start appearing in my store, all of which are my attempt at addressing IT-related learning in a fun and interesting way. I hope you enjoy my materials and find them useful.

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