Adult Beginners ESL Lesson – My Family and I – Present Simple Tense


This is an Adult ESL Beginners Lesson. It is suitable for complete beginners, newly arrived migrant students and mixed ability classes.
As in all my lessons, the language is presented in a context that is relevant to adult students with language that they will be able to use in their everyday lives. In this lesson the context is family.
This is a complete lesson which covers a lot of important beginner language and structure.
  • Present simple tense
  • Question forms
  • Vocabulary of family and personal identification
  • Form filling
  • Writing simple sentences
And all 4 modes – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
If any of these language points are new to your students you will need to scaffold the activity and/or pre -teach some of it. You could also pair stronger with less able students who speak the same first language – if that works for the composition of your class.
There is plenty of opportunity to differentiate learning according to your students’ levels and needs. It may take 1 lesson or could take several lessons depending on your learners and how you present the material.
This is flexible beginners lesson that can be used in a variety of ways.
It is designed to be used as both a Power point presentation and student worksheets. Print off the relevant pages according to the needs of your students.
In this lesson package, you will get:
  • a simple text
  • a cloze passage
  • a present tense review
  • a vocab activity
  • 2 writing tasks
  • a form filling activity
  • a question writing activity
  • a pair work speaking/listening activity
  • detailed lesson plan
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