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Going back to school is such an exciting, busy time! What to do those first days? Activities that help your students get to know you and their classmates. Tasks that will alert them to your expectations: give them confidence: make them feel safe and a happy part of a new community.

This resource includes over 30 printable pages of activities that are perfect for the first weeks of school. Easy prep, simply choose pages to suit your needs and interests and print.

All black ink.

What’s here?

  • There are “about me” sheets
  • a sheet with numbers about me
  • a puzzle about me, with 3 options for pieces
  • writing and describing new purchases for school year
  • design and describe your dream classroom
  • design and describe your dream playground
  • design, draw and describe a classroom door of entrance display
  • what do we have in common
  • 2 fortune teller (chatterbox) sheets (one blank for student’s own questions)
  • Emotions/feeling sheet
  • stackable sheets for planning and setting goals
  • 12 Would you rather questions: decide and justify
  • 4 sheets I am, I can, I like, I have for students to write and draw about themselves
  • 2 sheets of letter for students to use to put their names on the “I” sheets
  • Write a persuasive letter: 4 options
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