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All Therapy Resources pride ourselves on creating therapeutic, behavioural and educational resources that we use in-house within our own practice. This means that our resources are tried and tested by a team of Allied Health Professionals โ€“ Counsellors, Occupational and Speech Therapists, Behaviour Practitioners, Play Therapists and Psychologists โ€“ so we know they work!

Because we are fortunate to have such a wonderful and diverse range of clients, our resources cover aย  broad spectrum of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) topics. These include resources on Impulse Control, Anger Management, Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Mental Health and Psychotherapy treatment, DBT, CBT, Trauma-informed and Evidence-based Interventions, Social and Friendship Skills, Conflict Management, Special Education, Individual and Group Counselling Curriculums, Executive Functioning, Classroom Management, Career Exploration, Counselling Documentation and even Professional Development. We want to see everyone thrive, and our resources can help ensure that you can too!

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