Editable Phonics Charts 44 Phonemes 301 Graphemes Supports Science of Reading


These charts clearly show the 44 phonemes of the English language, and how they can be spelled in many different ways. 301 different letter combinations are included, including the most common ways and many of the more obscure ways. There are still more but we had to stop somewhere!

Consolidate your explicit phonics instruction and ensure your students learn all the letter combinations needed to become accurate and confident spellers. Providing a comprehensive overview of all of the phonemes in the English language this resource supports all explicit and systematic phonics methodology including Science of Reading, Orton Gillingham, Jolly Phonics, MultiLit etc.

Featuring vibrant pictures, words, and letter combinations for visual and contextual learning this resource is perfect to brighten up your classroom and is easily adaptable for student activities. Each page is available in both colour and black and white. The black and white versions are particularly suited to print for student activities and the colour versions are great for visual displays or to laminate for long lasting use as games and teaching resources.

Please note that pronunciation varies according to location and dialect. For example some people pronounce ‘ball’ with an ‘or’ sound and others with a ‘short a’ sound and others with a ‘short o’ sound. There are many such variations worldwide, which makes human language so interesting! Variations can also be left as they are and used as a teaching point or edited to suit via the Canva link included on the PDF download.

Included in this resource:

  • 2 Alphabet Charts
  • 4 Phonics Charts (2 vowel and 2 consonant charts
  • 2 Overview Charts, 44 phonemes and 301 graphemes on single page
  • Teaching Notes
  • Glossary
  • Canva Link for editing

Print Options

  • Print colour versions for displays and teaching aids. Laminate for long lasting use
  • Print black and white versions for student activities.
  • Print in A4 for workbooks or in A3 to enlarge and then cut in half (especially useful for the one page posters)

How to Use

  • Wall posters for visual learning displays and classroom decor
  • Desk charts
  • Student workbook reference
  • Flash cards, cut into single phoneme/grapheme
  • Student activities eg sorting, writing prompts, spelling activities
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