Fantasy Narrative Text | The Enchanted Amulet | Reading & Analysis Text Exemplar


⭐ Looking for an engaging fantasy narrative text exemplar for reading & writing analysis that will engage your upper primary students? The story ‘The Enchanted Amulet’ is perfect for Year 5 students and is designed to spark their imagination and creativity. With an exciting storyline, it utilizes sizzling starts and other language features to transport students into a fantastical world filled with magical beings and enchanted locations.


Grade Level: Primary Years (5+)


⭐ Resource Includes:

  • Fantasy narrative portrait (for printing)
  • Fantasy narrative landscape (for projecting + displaying)
  • Lessons or morals synopsis page
  • Activity ideas list that can be completed with this exemplar (see preview)


PowerPoint Included:

To be projected onto a classroom whiteboard or for use with a smartboard/Promethean board or other types of interactive whiteboard screens.



Analysis Possibilities:

What can you analyze with this narrative?

  • language features
  • text structure
  • main idea
  • lesson/morals
  • author’s purpose
  • vocabulary choice
  • figurative language
  • dialogue
  • images
  • writing style


Take a look at the PDF preview and video to see the entire story on TPT.



Includes a landscape version:

To be projected onto a classroom whiteboard or for use with a smartboard/Promethean board or other types of interactive whiteboard screens just rotate the PDF in the settings before use and click through the slides.

Please see the preview for an in-depth look on TPT.



Text Synopsis:

The text is set in the mysterious land of Aranthia. The story follows a young girl named Lia on a quest to find a powerful amulet that holds the power to alter destiny and control the elements. As she journeys through the land, she faces obstacles and battles a dark wizard named Draven, who is also after the amulet. The story culminates in an epic battle where Lia draws upon her inner strength to defeat Draven and claim the amulet. However, should she keep such a dangerous magical object, or should it be destroyed forever?

The exemplar is designed to help students develop their reading and analysis skills while enjoying a thrilling adventure tale filled with action, magic, and intrigue.


Lesson or Moral:

The moral of this story is that sometimes the greatest power is within us. Despite the countless obstacles and challenges we may face, we have the strength and determination to overcome them if we believe in ourselves and stay true to our values.

Additionally, it also shows the importance of recognizing the responsibility that comes with power and making the right choices to use it for good. Ultimately, the story poses the question of whether having such immense power is worth the potential consequences and encourages the reader to consider the importance of ethical decision-making in the face of power.



Additional Details:

  • PDF format
  • Colour Version
  • Eye-catching image
  • Whiteboard/smartboard friendly


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