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Make team work fun! Get your students looking forward to finding a friend instead of that daunting feeling of being left with no one!

You know when you say find a partner, and your students turn to their friend it’s the same go-to person every single time? These partner up cards help diversify your classroom collaborations.

Whether you’re looking to make it fun, take the guess work out of matching up a pair or just ensuring students mix up and work with a range of people – these cards do the job for you!

The cards are organised into forming pairs, groups of three, groups of four, groups of five and groups of six. Each category is then also offered with a fun group name or left blank for your students to collaborate and form their own unique name.

On top of all of that, this set includes two options for use:
1. Print, laminate and cut out the card sets for students to luck dip pick a card, each card then reveals the food character/s they should be looking for to form their group.

2. Present a poster and ask students to select a (pre-made) paddle with their foodie character on it. They can then mingle and meet up with the other people in their group as displayed on the poster.

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