Time Capsule: Measurement (Back to School Mathematics)



In this Back to School activity, students engage their measurement skills as they are asked to make a record of some body measurements and set a goal. The teacher then maintains this record along with the hand and feet sheets for reflection at a later stage of the year (at which point students can reflect on how far they have come!).

What’s Involved?

This activity only uses basic stationary and classroom skills. The first stage of the activity involves students tracing their hand and their foot onto coloured paper. These are then stuck onto plain paper. Once these have been done, students work with a peer to measure their hand, foot, height, and wingspan. These measurements are added to the worksheet along with the date, a goal, and a picture of them.

Later in the year, students are encouraged to repeat the activity, completing the hand and foot display and completing the reflection worksheet.

Years 2, 3, 4

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