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Welcome to my store!   I love maths and creating maths resources that are fun, simple and engaging to encourage my students to enjoy maths. As I deal with one-to-one and groups of students, I use methods and resources to reach each student based on their needs.

Most of the resources that I designed start with structured notes that are easy for students to understand the concept of the topics and then followed by lots of activities (quizzes, worksheets and a little game corner) to keep them engaged and practice their new skills from easy level continue to medium to advanced level!

My passion is to encourage kids to love maths and to help teachers to prep their maths classes with a little time consuming. I believe that mathematics is an essential skill that will help children in their future career. I want to inspire children to see mathematics as an exciting and creative process and help them to develop their own unique problem-solving skills. I also want to help teachers by providing resources that make maths classes more enjoyable and effective.

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