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I am passionate about students not only being engaged in high quality learning activities, but that they enjoy what they are doing and develop a passion for learning. I believe in hands on learning and love making games and activities where the students can do, rather than passive worksheets and particularly like creating resources for Maths. I create it for my own classroom, but after years of mentoring other teachers, young and old, who are so grateful every time I share my resources with them because of how much they love them, their students love them and it saves them so much time and effort, I've finally bitten the bullet, so to speak. I've been told so many times I should sell them to help others, so here it is. I hope they are as helpful for you as they have been for others.   If you love my products and want to share them with others, please direct them back to my store so they can purchase them too. I try to keep my prices low for you, so every purchase helps me to provide more great resources.

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