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Sass Education develops educational resources for a wide range of subject areas, however, particularly for English, Humanities (HASS), The Arts and Science. We also develop resources on request. Resources are predominantly for Secondary levels and upper Primary, as well as resources for Tertiary educators. Resources fall into three categories: 1/ templates for core responsibilities of teachers such as Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, Writing Criteria, Standards and Rubrics and strategies for planning effective assessment 2/ a range of resources across many subject areas that are skills-based resources such as PEEL Paragraph Writing, How to Write a Thesis Statement for essay writing, Academic Writing, Narrative Writing, Scientific Writing, How to Paraphrase, and more. 3/ Australian Curriculum aligned content for specific units of study. ย In principle they are applicable to other jurisdictions globally. These resources have developed out of many yearsโ€™ experience as an educator, experience as a Curriculum Development in secondary and tertiary contexts, and as a professional development provider in education.

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